Grecu, V, Ciobotea, R.-I.-G. and Florea, A (2020). Software Application for Organizational Sustainability Performance Assessment. Sustainability, MDPI, Open Access Journal, vol. 12(11), pages 1-28, May.


Sustainability performance assessment is a challenge for many companies due to the heterogeneity of indicators and the lack of a standardized reporting framework. This paper describes a software solution that simplifies the sustainability reporting process and is useful for decisions concerning sustainable management. We analyzed various indicators from public sustainability reports of five companies and obtained some relevant results using the tool that we developed based on mathematic algorithms and an aggregation model of different indicators. The software application calculates a Global Sustainability Index based on the proposed model of the sustainable organization described in this paper. An optimal solution is very rare in the transition towards the sustainable organization and compromises are required most frequently between environmental, economic and social aspects on the one hand and the expectations of the stakeholders on the other hand. The proposed tool helps users to cope with these challenges and takes into consideration that information is not always available and precise. Another feature offered by the tool is that besides simplifying sustainability performance assessment, it highlights low performance indicators and offers suggestions for improvement based on a genetic algorithm.

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