Medini, K. and Boucher, X (2019). Specifying a modelling language for PSS Engineering – A development method and an operational tool. Computers in Industry, (108), 89-103.


Although the literature is full of research works about the transition of the industry towards Product-Service Systems (PSS), the question of how to effectively support PSS engineering is poorly addressed. The compelling need for a decision support throughout the various stages of the engineering process is particularly owed to PSS inherent complexity. In this sense, visualisation and modelling at large have been put forth as promising means for supporting the PSS engineering. This paper proposes a method for specifying a modelling language for PSS engineering, putting together PSS domain specific knowledge and modelling concepts inherited from conceptual modelling and model based engineering. This relies on a recursive transformation process of the underlying PSS meta-model using knowledge from case studies and from literature. The method has proven to be a practical means for a gradual enrichment of the modelling language leading to successful experimentations in industrial context.

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