NEMO Day 2021


Following the NEMO Summer School Series, the NEMO Day 2021 aims to provide participants insight into the EU project DigiFoF, results achieved, and further development activities within this project and the OMiLAB network. Moreover, the NEMO Day 2021 will give participants an idea of the two-week event, namely the NEMO Summer School, that usually takes place at the end of July at the University of Vienna.

The NEMO Summer School Series focuses on the design and implementation of Enterprise Digital Twins and Ecosystems based on conceptual modelling methods. NEMO provides a vertical overview across different application domains as preparation for all dimensions of digitization.

The NEMO Day 2021 is organized by the DigiFoF project to elevate students expertise in design aspects of the factory of the future and gain insights on the applicability of developed design artefacts, methoods and tools. Participants will have the chance to interact with experts in the field, provide their reflection as an evaluation and are awarded a learning badge.

Please find the videos here