Pirola, F, Boucher, X, Wiesner, S and Pezzotta, G (2020). Digital technologies in product-service systems: a literature review and a research agenda. Computers in Industry, (123), Article 103301.


Digital technologies are changing the everyday life of citizens and are radically changing the nature of products and services, especially since Industry 4.0 phenomenon has gained popularity all around the world. By analyzing the concept of smart PSS, this paper questions the convergence between digital and service orientations for industrial companies and considers how digital technologies are used to enable decisions along the PSS lifecycle (e.g., design stage, operational stage) and/or at different planning levels (i.e., from strategic to operational level). Thus, this led to the following research questions:

1. Which are the main research streams and to what extent are digital technologies considered in PSS literature?

2. Which are the main areas that are worth to be investigated in future researches?

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