Monday, July 19, 2021

The summer school will take place at the premises of the University of Vienna, Faculty of Computer Science and offers a two week program combining lectures and practical work in multicultural groups based on six topical pillars.


  • Foundations of Conceptual Modelling, i.e. formal methods and tools for modelling method creation, transformation and application.
  • “Smart Models” for humans and machines, i.e. model execution technologies, meta-modelling platforms, modelling compilers, adaption to diverse devices and multi-client applications.
  • Concepts and technologies for Digital Ecosystems, i.e. Enterprise Information Systems, e-Government, Health Care and Ambient Assisted Living.
  • Digital Design Thinking
  • Enterprise Digital Twins
  • Cross-cutting Issues, i.e. information security, privacy, risk management and governance, and quality assurance of models and methods


The NEMO summer schools focus on the design and implementation of Enterprise Digital Twins and Ecosystems based on conceptual modelling methods. They enable the design of semantically rich diagrammatic models that are both human-understandable and machine-processable, while providing services for analyzing models and interoperating with open digital environments. Conceptual models can thus be used as the knowledge platform of an organization and their value can be co-created by flexible collaboration between digital engineers and stakeholders. Working in and for digitized organizations where smart devices, digital artefacts, robots, data streams and connectivity are ubiquitous, you will be faced with challenges pertaining to human resources, process lifecycles, business or regulatory rules. NEMO provides a vertical overview across different application domains to prepare you for all dimensions of digitization.

The Digital Innovation environment of OMiLAB enables experimentation and training for both conceptualization and engineering activities. Stakeholders from a multi-disciplinary background are supported to develop innovative ideas as digital business models, to materialize them in proof-of-concept and to evaluate their feasibility in a laboratory setting.

Please find more information about the 7th edition NEMO Summer School by browsing the event website