Target groups


Benefit: access to novel educational topics/modules, access to design tools and labs, exchanges with industry professionals, interdisciplinary and international team work experience during the summer school, industrial internships.

Use: training materials and problem-based learning, industrial cases and design tools, opportunity for industry-academia thesis, mobilities and ECTS-recognition.

Expected outcomes and change: competences in FoF-design topics, creatinve thinking and innovation skills, skills in applying state of the art design tools and using open source platforms, teamwork and intercultural skills.


Benefit: new vocational trainings in a topic relevant for job retention or promotion, from formal training certificates and open badges, skills in using open platforms and design tools.

Use: vocational trainings, training materials, cases and tools during trainings, but also whenever necessary in their activity.

Expected outcomes and change: improved qualifications for the design of FoF.


Benefit: materials, cases and tools for courses, open design laboratories for practice, international industry-academia cooperation, networking at summer school.

Use: materials, cases and tools, FoF-Design Competence Network, mobilities.

Expected outcomes and change: better quality teaching, use of modern open community-based tools, engagement with an international community of peers.


Benefit: access to FoF-design Master guideline, concept, materials and tools for open design labs, instruments enabling industry-academia cooperation network and its facilities.

Use: inclusion in own institution according to strategic goals.

Expected outcomes and change: modernization of content, lab facilities as well as curricula, increased cooperation with industry as well as academia.

ENTERPRISES (SMEs and Large Corporations)

Benefit: use of knowledge, labs and tools relevant for own business transformation, access to the cooperation network and its facilities, access to an interdisciplinary network of students and researchers for common projects, internships

Use: train staff in topics of interest related to FoF, use tools and lab facilities to test cases relevant for business transformation, industry-academia workshops, common projects with academia (internships, thesis works)

Expected outcomes and change: better qualified employees, trigger for change in organizational structure and processes.