WP2 – Creation of the DIGIFOF Design Competence Network

The Factory of the Future Design Competence Network is the organizational platform for collaboration activities between all the stakeholders. It aims to reduce the knowledge gap between academia and industry by facilitating:

  • OMiLAB4FoF labs which provide physical and virtual training environments and which aid the knowledge transfer and international cooperation between the stakeholders,
  • The FOF Design Academy concept with:
    • Vocational trainings for continuous professional development,
    • Academic education and summer schools,
  • Mobilities (i.e. internship, traineeship, placements, invited lectures etc …) between academia and industry, fostering the exchange of experiences and best practices,
  • A brokerage system for available positions from industry to academia and vice-versa, including open positions, internships, trainee positions, research and scientific works etc. where the network can act as an intermediary between different stakeholder groups.

T2.1 Defining the FoF Design Competence Network strategy and action plan

T2.2 Creating OMiLAB4FoFs

T2.3 Designing and implementing the DIGIFOF web platform

T2.4 Conceptualizing the FoF-Design Academy

T2.5 Realizing the business plan for the DIGIFOF Design Competence Network