WP3: The FoF Designer: Innovative teaching, methods and tools

Based on the needs and priorities defined in WP1 and the action plan (WP2) the project consortium will:

  • Develop a problem-based learning path for the students and professionnals attending DIGIFOF trainings. The aim is to equip students with specialist competences but also with critical thinking, oral and writing competences, problem solving as well as team work,
  • Create 30 units of training materials addressing each of the three topical categories defined in I.2 (strategy, processes and systems) and populate a digital library available on the project web platform with them,
  • Collect industry cases (10 addressing layer specific problems e.g. design of a new PSS for strategy and 10 addressinf layer crossing problems, e.g. design on a servitized business models) and prepare them for practical trainings according to the problem-based learning approach,
  • Conceptualize (i.e. create, design, implement and deploy) a design-method for the Factory of the Future integrating different views and develop an open-source design tools for it,
  • Realize 24 webinars on FoF-design aspects.

T3.1 Developing a problem-based learning path for students and professionals

T3.2 Realizing training materials

T3.3 Conceptualizing and implementing the design method and tool for Factories of the Future

T3.4 Collect and prepare industry cases for FoF

T3.5 Realizing a webinar series on designing the Factory of the Future