T8.2 Realizing the dissemination materials

Herein the project partners will realise the design identity for the project dissemination materials, flyers in English and all partners country languages, posters, roll-ups. There will be also two different types of flyers realised in the DIGIFOF project: a teaser flyer with the key information which will be a 2-page document and a brochure containing more detailed information about the project and its results.

Find below some of the communication tools translated in French, German, Italian, Polish and Romanian.

Documents English: 
Project logo_DIGIFOF18.67 KB
Roll-up_DIGIFOF689.52 KB
Flyer_DIGIFOF661.67 KB
Poster_DIGIFOF (A2)703.42 KB
Poster_DIGIFOF (A3)651.95 KB
Brochure_DIGIFOF726.6 KB
Documents French: 
Brochure projet_FR905.06 KB
Documents German: 
Projekt Broschüre_DE916.01 KB
Documents Italian: 
Brochure di progetto_IT903.72 KB
Documents Polish: 
Roll-up_DIGIFOF_PL1.11 MB
Poster_DIGIFOF_PL (A3)813.56 KB
Broszura projektu_PL922.08 KB
Documents Romanian: 
Broșura proiectului_RO954.44 KB