WP6 – Quality Assurance

The aim of WP6 is to set in place the instruments, indicators, responsibilities and milestones for ensuring high-quality and timely project results and outputs. Items defined in this WP are used for assuring the quality of WP2, WP3, WP4, WP5 and WP9. To achieve this the consortium will:

  • Define a quality assurance strategy, QA measures, templates, instruments, indicators and milestone,
  • Make a risk management plan identifying risks, elaborating their impact, prioritizing them and defining risk management measures and responsible,
  • Assure quality of administrative items, including project meetings, reporting and monitoring templates, administrative processes, financial management project partner cooperation, mobilities,
  • Assure quality of content items, including training materials, industrial cases, OMiLAB4FoFs, design tools, summers schools, FoF Competence Design Network, project web platform.

The frequency of the quality assurance measure will depend on the type of deliverable/activity considered. For the administrative view quality assurance processes, will be done by the consortium members, led by the quality manager and the project manager. The content evaluation will bbe done both by internal and external experts.

T6.1 Creating a quality assurance and risk management plan

T6.2 Implementing the quality assurance of the administrative processes and results

T6.3 Realizing the quality assurance of training materials and tools

T6.4 Performing the quality assurance of trainings

T6.5 Performing the quality assurance of the other deliverables (i.e. the network and the labs)