WP8 – Dissemination and Exploitation

WP8 deals with the dissemination and exploitation of project results. As such it encompasses:

  • The creation of a communication strategy,
  • The realization of dissemination materials (flyers, posters, roll-ups),
  • The realization and regular update of the project website,
  • The creation of a social media strategy and its daily implementation,
  • The organization of multiplier events, like conferences, workshops, seminars, tutorials podium discussions and webinars. A minimum of 15 exploitation events (in industry and academia) is planned to be held,
  • Bilateral and multi-lateral meetings with experts and representatives of stakeholder organizations,
  • Presentation of the overall project and individual components in innovation and networking events,
  • Publication of a white paper for design in the Factory of the Future,
  • The publication of press and scientific articles
  • Interviews and media appearances,
  • The realization of a project video.

T8.1 Creating a dissemination and exploitation strategy, including social media

T8.2 Realizing the dissemination materials

T8.3 Realization of exploitation events and activities

T8.4 Publishing materials on the DIGIFOF project